Jake Gottlieb A Closer Look at His Career and Philanthropy Work

Jacob Gottlieb is a well-known name in the investment industry in the United States. Over the years, he has helped his clients with many profitable investments. Even though his main office is in New York City, he has clients from all around the country who come to him for investment services.

Jacob Gottlieb’s parents were migrants who shifted to the United States in the late 1960s. Jacob Gottlieb was born and brought up in Brooklyn. His father was a professor of economics at the City University in New York City. Jacob Gottlieb studied economics at the Brown University, New York and then received his Bachelor in Arts from another university. He was profoundly influenced by his mother who was a pediatrician and wanted to study medicine. He enrolled himself in New York University and then completed an internship from the St. Vincent’s Hospital. But, it was only during his internship that he wanted to get into investment as he had always loved trading in stocks.

Jacob Gottlieb

Jacob Gottlieb worked with a few investment companies such as Sanford C. Bernstein & Co, Merlin Financial, and others before he started his own company Balyasny Asset Management, LP. After selling the company for a profit, he founded Visium Asset Management back in 2005 and still serves as its MD and CIO. Even though he has been successful in his career, he also wants to give back to the society. It is the reason he is affiliated to many non-profit organizations and contributes to them financially and with his time.


Among the many organizations that Jacob Gottlieb supports, one of them is Robin Hood. It is an organization that offers financial and management support to communities in the New York City. The organization collects money and distributes it to schools, childhood programs and even to healthcare organizations.



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