Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

When it comes to the care industry, there are very few companies like Sussex Healthcare. Not only does this United Kingdom facility care for the elderly but the sick as well. And over the past 2 decades, it has been delivering quality services.

And each of their services take into the needs of each individual residents, so there are a variety from which to choose. Residents can benefit from their own customized health plans as well as their own fitness plans. The facility works hard to meet both physical and mental needs, so assistance is being offered around the clock. When patients do come near the end of their lives this facility is prepared to ensure that they have all of the comfort and ease while they are in the process of passing. And a great deal of their success is due to their caring, attentive, and compassionate nature.

In its most recent news, Sussex announced that it would be hiring a new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor. They feel that she would be a great fit as they work even harder to exhibit their dedication to quality and improvement. They feel that Taylor is just the person to add more creativity and dimension to the company, which has been evidenced by her long career in the healthcare sector.


Taylor will lead a large staff of highly trained professional who have been well prepared to handle both the disabled and elderly. Each of Sussex’s facilities has been optimized for the comfort of each of its patients. And this is especially the case when it comes to the physical therapy sessions that the company offers. This facility comes equipped with personal trainers for each and every resident because the company recognizes the need for individual attention and care. In fact, its gym is modern and upgraded. They offer exercise machines, weights, and a pool improve patients’ posture, muscular coordination and balance.

Taylor plans to go the extra mile to ensure that the staff continues to receive the proper training that enable them to take care of people living with a variety of conditions. Some of the most common disorders that staff deals with includes Alzheimer’s Disease, mental impairments, neurological disorders, and learning disabilities. Sussex Healthcare does its best to ensure that residents engage in art therapy, rehabilitation, as well as nutritional plans. Sussex healthcare is the ideal choice for families who are in need of special care for their loved one.


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