Diplomat Daniel Taub- Israeli ambassador in the U. K for 4 years

Daniel Taub is an accomplished diplomat who has served his country Israel between 2011 and 2015. He served as an ambassador for these four years and recorded huge benefits for his country. His role as a diplomat would be marked by great dedication to work and commitment to perform in the best way possible. Daniel Taub was born in Israel in 1961. He moved out of the country in1989 and joined Israel. He would serve in various offices in the country which saw him achieve greatness for his country. Daniel Taub is an international lawyer who has accomplished a lot for his county. He has served his country in the best way possible by ensuring that it gained a lot from the partnership that it had built with the United Kingdom.



Daniel Taub had served in various offices before he could be appointed the ambassador. His role in the office of the diplomat was marked with huge achievements that could not be compared with any other diplomat before him. He performed his tasks with a precision that was admirable. He had a point to prove. Having been born in the United Kingdom. He wanted to see the two countries develop mutual respect for each other and cooperate more.



Daniel Taub would not relent in his mission of making the two countries get the best out of their partnerships. He worked very hard in a period when Israel was being castigated for the failed instability in the middle eat. For instance, his term in office would be marked with two significant bans to his country in the United Kingdom. One, there was the boycott of Israeli goods that had been passed by the body of university students in the United Kingdom. The boycott was intended to punish Israel following the Middle East crisis.



Daniel Taub however intervened and made a very decisive comment regarding the ban. He described the relations between the two countries as one that was based on mutual respect. He advised the boards of management in various universities not to punish any student who had participated in the boycott. In one instance, the MP from Bradford had declared the area as an Israeli free zone. The ban would also see people, goods, and services from Israel banned from the area. Daniel Taub was not in agreement with this move, he protested and even traveled to the area in the height of the ban.

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